GR Bank core management is one of the top well-organized rural banking institutions in the country today. Its leadership transition is described as judicious, orderly and methodized. A very lean and professionalized organization that makes it capable of making decisions fast to serve our clients better, especially our borrowers, recognizing the timeliness of our assistance in the success of their businesses.

Its Board of Directors, where Mr. Jose L. Carlos, Sr. was the Chairman and President for more than 50 years, spearheaded its growth. Now the Board of Directors, composed mostly by second and third generation family members of the Carloses, Lapids and Coronels, is chaired by Ms. Amanda L. Carlos. This, in turn is competently supported by its Top Executives, who are hands-on in the day to day operations of the bank, headed by the President & CEO, Mr. Jose Blas L. Carlos Jr. (B.S. in Commerce, major in Economics, from the Ateneo de Manila University); its Executive Vice-President & COO, Ms. Elizabeth L. Carlos-Timbol (B.S. in Legal Management, from De La Salle University); its Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Iluminada M. Dizon, CPA (B.S. in Accountancy, from the University of the East); and its Vice-President for Operations, Ms. Grace L. Carlos-Glorioso (B.S. in Commerce, major in Management of Financial Institutions, from De La Salle University).

Assisting the GRBank’s Board of Directors, Top Executives and Management Committees are its highly qualified and competent officers and personnel at its main and corporate offices, and 17 branch offices equipped with our very own ATMs (Ang Tellers na Magaganda) as our partners, and these corporate concerns:

  • Optimum Financial Returns
  • Stability over Profitability
  • Integrity
  • Personalized service to our Clients, showing off our motto of “Where Service is Best”
  • Its Board of Directors, Clients, Officers and Staff as GRBank Family, the GRBankers

Today, GRBank’s renewed focus of “Empowering MSMEs, Enriching Pinoy Lives” aims to provide opportunities for them to start their businesses. Giving full support to the government’s thrust of inclusive growth by bringing development to the countryside where we serve.

The current Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) loans portfolio of the bank is more than 80% of its total loans or more than P 1.5 billion, and the bank intends to triple that allocation to continue the assistance given to MSMEs towards our 20/20 vision of attaining P 10 billion in Total Assets. The bank will continue to set aside around 20% for large corporations or P 1.125 Billion worth of funds – all with the ultimate goal of contributing to countryside development.

Aside from the financial assistance we give, GRBank aims to provide the MSMEs with a continuous learning program in developing their capabilities and potentials by partnering with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and Department of Trade and Industry thru the Financial Literacy Campaign and SME Roving Academy projects of the respective agencies. Such activities have been launched in 2013 where the President and the COO both made their presentations to clients and prospects. The program will contribute a lot in the success of the MSMEs, making them more competitive in both the local and international markets.

As a bank, we continuously create and deliver various banking products and services to our customers on a personalized level. We have our Bigtime Savings, “P100.00 lang, Bigtime ka na!”. We also offer dollar deposits and have our own GRBank cash cards (ATM). Our loan products, aimed at empowering MSMEs for countryside development and enriching pinoy lives, include Pangkabuhayan or Business Loan, Car Loan, Housing Loan, Industrial and Agricultural Loan, and Salary Loan. Our loan rates are very competitive and payment terms are very easy. With our highly competitive and competent team, giving accurate data to support the Board of Directors in approving applications, we can process loans in less than a week and we can lend as high as P175 million to a single borrower.

GRBank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be expanded with the support of its GRBank Foundation. GRBank’s officers and personnel lives on the spirit of volunteerism. It supports and partners with other foundations; and Makati Medical Center for its medical missions; and other NGOs for its relief operations, tree planting, feeding programs; and schools for its scholarship programs. The GRBank Family will always be willing to go the extra mile in giving service to others – our way of showing that GRBank cares and giving back to the communities we serve.

GRBank now has 17 strategically located banking units (SBU). We have twelve (12) SBUs in Pampanga, two (2) in Bataan, one (1) in Zambales, one (1) in Tarlac and one (1) in Kamias Quezon City, where only a handful of rural banks have had the privilege of opening a branch. This was due to the bank’s capital position which was way above BSP’s requirements.

In the coming years, to reach out further, GRBank plans to put up some new branches in other Region III provinces. In due time, it will branch out to the Calabarzon Area (Region IV-A) – expanding its presence especially to the agriculturally rich provinces of the south.

Today, with so much resources to back it up, and impressive financial ratios that makes it an icon of stability, GRBank celebrates 60 years of GReat Banking by being… the no. 1 Rural Bank in Pampanga! the no. 1 Rural Bank in Central Luzon! and One of the Top 5 Rural Banks Nationwide!

Tomorrow, onward to a century of banking par excellence, GRBank aims straight and high with a 20/20 Vision… To be the top rural bank in the country!

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